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d suggest changes to baby's and mom's health and behavior


A smartwatch that uses machine learning to track, correlate, and suggest changes to baby's and mom's health and behavior

Account Sign-up

Enter your email address and password.

Confirm sign-up by email.

My Profile

Edit your name.

Change your password.

Modify settings (brightness, volume, WIFI)

Baby Profile

Add, edit, and share baby profile

Baby Selection

The information for the baby selected from the dropdown on the main menu page will populate in all of the baby data. The caregiver data is the same for all babies. 

Activity and Health Tracking

Incomplete events will be displayed in green text.

Completed events will be displayed in purple text.

Duplicate simultaneous events aren't allowed. You will be prompted when that occurs. 

Voice Control

To activate the voice assistant, say "Hi Embla".

Activities and events that are instantaneous can be controlled by the voice assistant.

To start an activity, say "Hi Embla". Once you hear it activate, say  "Add [activity]". 

For caregiver activities, simply state the activity. For instance, "Hi Embla, Add bath".

For baby activities, add "baby" before the activity. For instance, "Hi Embla, Add baby bath".


Shared baby notifications will appear in this window. 

An eye icon will appear next to the notification once it's viewed. 


Graphed data can be viewed on the dashboard.

Data can be plotted for 7-day (Sunday to Saturday) ranges

Select the date that you would like to view. 

Suggestions can be viewed on the dashboard. 

Horizontal menu dots indicate that there is a new alert. Swipe left to view the alerts.

Suggestions will reset when the week ends.


Baby milestones can be tracked.


Set, edit and delete alarms.


Data can be exported to a health provider or another person.

Select the category/categories of data that you want to provide access to.

Enter the recipient's email address, name, and the date that the link will expire.

The user and recipient will receive an email with the link.

Web Report

The exported data can be viewed in table or graphical form.

The range of dates can be selected from the calendar.

Tabular data can be sorted. 

Graphical data can be downloaded.

Other Features

A blue bubble in the upper right corner of a menu icon indicates that there's an active event.

Swipe left to go back.

Menu dots indicate which page you are on. 

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